Award Certificates

Everyone could use a good “pick-me-up” every now and then. Encouragement is an important key in helping children continue their education. has a great selection of free award certificates that you can use to do so. Choose one of our free award certificates to show recognition for your child for a job well done!

There are many themes available, from using Smart Tutor, to improving work ethic, to different holidays. Share with your child’s teachers or print them for other children’s parents to implement at home too.

Select the best one and award those who are deserving! Click on the image to download these Free Awards.

“You Are a Star”Free awards for Kids

“You Are The Best!”Free awards for Kids

“You Are So Smart!”Free awards for Kids

“You Are Doing Awesome!”Free awards for Kids

“Great Job”Free awards for Kids

“You’re Great!”Free awards for Kids

“Awesome Work!!!”Free awards for Kids

“You Are Outstanding”Free awards for Kids

“You Are So Smart!!!”Free awards for Kids

“You are #1”Free awards for Kids

St. Patrick’s DayFree awards for Kids

Valentine’s DayFree valentines day award for kids