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Money Level 2 Vol. 1


Free math lessons Second Grade MeasurementMoney Level 2 Vol. 1 – This free measurement lesson teaches young children the value of a dollar, literally! Carlos is at the pet store and needs help making his purchases. Children count and compare coins and bills using mixed counting to one dollar or more. During each purchase, students must select the wallet with the correct amount of money to pay for each object.


Addition, Adding Three or More Numbers Level 2 Vol. 1

Number and Operations

Free math lessons Second Grade Number and OperationsAddition, Adding Three or More Numbers Level 2 Vol. 1 – The strength of this free number and operations lesson is that it uses concrete models to help students develop number sense and mental math in a trial and error, problem-solving approach, including problems with multiple right answers. Children join Kirima and the penguins to the ice carnival and add, compose and decompose three or more numbers with on the way.