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Basic Sight Words Vol. 8 – Kindergarten

Sight Words

Free reading Lesson K Sight WordsBasic Sight Words Vol. 8 -The sight words you and me are the focus of this free sight words lesson. Children hear each word read aloud and are prompted to find the sight word in a small group of words. Specific feedback will ensure your children learn to read both of these common sight words.


Reading Vocabulary Vol. 1 – Kindergarten


Free reading Lesson K VocabularyReading Vocabulary Vol. 1 – This free vocabulary lesson will help your children learn primary colors through meaningful interactions and fun examples. Children are prompted to color objects like flowers, bumble bees, boats, and airplanes then identify the colors of the objects. Once identified, their creations spring to life through exciting animations.


Rhyming – Level A – Vol. 1 – Kindergarten

Phonemic Awareness

Free reading Lesson K Phonemic AwarenessRhyming – Level A – Vol. 1 -This free phonemic awareness lesson helps kids learn and practice their rhyming skills by finding words with similar ending sounds to build a song. During the conclusion of the lesson, children sing along to a song containing all the rhyming words they found.


Beginning Consonants Vol. 10 – Kindergarten


Free reading Lesson K PhonicsBeginning Consonants Vol. 10 – In this free phonics lesson, children practice identifying beginning and ending consonant sounds, specifically the beginning sound y- and the ending sound -x. Audio-visual support, immediate feedback, and cute animation and music loops will keep your kindergartener excited and motivated to learn to read.


2D Shapes Vol. 1 – Kindergarten


Free math lessons K Geometry

2D Shapes Vol. 1 – Check out this free geometry lesson. It helps young children recognize the similarities and differences between shapes and reviews the names and descriptions of shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. Children help Izzy color his favorite pages by identifying the shapes in the drawing by their names and descriptions.


Time Vol. 1 – Kindergarten


Free math lessons K Measurement

Time Vol. 1 – Students spend a day with Jamar and learn about time in this free measurement lesson. The goal is to introduce kindergarten children to the concept of time using familiar, real-life events such as waking up for school. Children begin interacting within the first few seconds of the lesson. Clocks, shaped like fun characters, are presented in a non-threatening environment.


Addition and Subtraction Vol. 1 – Kindergarten

Number and Operations

Free math lessons K Number and Operations

Addition and Subtraction Vol. 1 – This free kindergarten math lesson reviews the fundamental skill of counting forward and backwards. Children act out number stories using objectives and pictures with Henrietta at the Hippo Hotel. The problem solving approach, real life context and immediate feedback will make addition and subtraction fun and relatable for your young children.