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Symmetry Level 1 Vol. 1


Free math lessons First Grade Geometry

Symmetry Level 1 Vol. 1 – The helpful animations and powerful visual support in this free geometry lesson bring math to life and help kids visual spatial relationships. Students learn how to identify and create lines of symmetry in two-dimensional shapes with Kiki and Izzy in a problem-solving and risk-free setting. Immediate and specific feedback helps children that struggle to visualize geometric concepts by animating shapes folding.


Money Level 1 Vol. 1


Free math lessons First Grade Measurement

Money Level 1 Vol. 1 – Supplement your money unit with this free measurement lesson. Children join Natalia at the pet store where they compare, count, and spend coins such as quarters, half-dollars, dimes, nickels, and dollars. This lesson also helps students practice counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 100. After correctly counting their coins, children decide which item is most affordable based on the money they have – a crucial real world skill for young learners!